EADH предлагает стипендии на поездки в размере 200 евро каждая для начинающих исследователей (ECR), таких как аспиранты, постдоки или аналогичные, которые выступали на конференции EADH.

Обладатели стипендий EADH2021
Имя Организация
Baillie, James University of Vienna
Bergamini, Enrico University of Turin
Demma, Lorenzo Università di Roma Tor Vergata
Gribomont, Isabelle University of Liverpool
Ismakaeva, Iliana Damirovna HSE University
Rebora, Simone University of Verona
Schmidt, Thomas University of Regensburg
Silvi, Daniele Università di Roma «Tor Vergata»
Smith, Neel College of the Holy Cross

Подробности о стипендии

EADH offers up to 12 travel bursaries of € 200 each to Early-Career Researchers (ECRs), like graduate or PhD students, postdoc or similar, who were presenting at the EADH2021 Conference. It is expected that with the prospect of a hybrid or fully virtual conference the focus of these bursaries will change. Any change will be announced on the website of the conference and via social media.

Proposals by applicants for a bursary will be subject to the same peer-reviewing process as all other conference proposals. Only those applicants whose proposal has been accepted in the initial review stage will be considered for the final selection of bursary winners.

If you want to apply for an EADH bursary, please tick the relevant box in ConfTool. You will then be asked to submit also a short CV and an application letter (max 1000 words) that should clearly state your motivations for taking part in the conference and your personal background. Any information about your situation, that might help with the decision, is welcome. For more information see the conference website.

On 6 May 2021 the EADH Exec had its midterm meeting. One of the points on the agenda were the EADH2021 bursaries for early-career researchers (ECRs). These bursaries in the past years were supposed to help with the covering of travel costs. As it is foreseeable that with the pandemic and travel restrictions still in place in many countries not every successful bursary applicant will be able to travel to Krasnoyarsk the EADH Exec decided that only those applicants who take part in the conference on-site will get the full amount of €400, whereas those applicants who take part in the conference online will get €200.

Bursary applications are in the process of being reviewed by the Programme Committee.