Please check the time and Zoom meeting of your panel on the conference programme.

Please enter the Zoom meeting at least 20 minutes before the starting time of the session so that you can be given the rights for your Zoom meeting session.

The chair is responsible for welcoming the audience, introducing the panelists, and general timekeeping in your session.
Please allow ample time for discussions and Q&A during your session.
Finally, the chair should remember to thank all the participants and the audience at the end of the session.

EADH2021 is a multilingual conference. All panelists should be aware of this. All presenters should make available their presentation in another language and direct the audience towards it. Should panelists or discussants encounter communication problems please ask others to join in and help to solve them.

For more information on handling multilingual sessions, you could look at the GO::DH Translation Toolkit Recommendations, although they have been written with on-site conferences in mind.

Please facilitate “whispering” in any form it might take in a way that is does not hinder the proceedings of the session.
Please encourage session attendees to tweet and share notes in various languages at the beginning of your session.
If simultaneous translation is available in your session, please make your audience aware of this at the beginning of your session.